CAT. NO.: KTR2018D05
RELEASE DATE: May 14th, 2018

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Tobax is no stranger to the drum&bass scene and have been part of the Kill Tomorrow roster since the early days of the label. Now it is time for the bass prodigy to once again to drop his weapons of mass destruction.

This release is a perfect demonstration of why Tobax is on the rise and currently wreaking havoc across the drum&bass scene with his perfectly sculpted signature sound. The title track (The Reaper) starts off with a haunting arp with an obsessive atmosphere of the angels of death quietly calling from below until it finally drops into a mesh of funk and bass whilst maintaining an insisting groove. The second track off the single is entitled ‘Aftermath’, and it slowly creeps up on you with an evolving and atmospheric build that explodes into a bloodbath of fat beats and a gloomy vibes. This combination of the two tracks is destined to destroy sound systems across the world, and will satisfy even the most demanding bass addicts hunger for funky beats and destructive basslines.