CAT. NO.: KTR2018D06
RELEASE DATE: June 4th, 2018

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Late last year the critically acclaimed two track single “Tilted” by the Kill Tomorrow label boss Tomtek was released. It is now time for a revamp of the tracks with brilliant new interpretations.

First off the title track “Tilted” is taken under careful treatment by newcomers Kilobite, AcjnN, and Sidelines. The three artists combined forces to completely take the original track apart and reassemble it into something that sounds completely different with a new and refreshing vibe. It starts of with airy soundscapes that slowly captivates you while the underlying rhythms gently moves you; until it is all finally unleashed in a groove that is bewitched and simply keeps you hooked.

For the second remix of the original track “Into Random” the bass prodigy from down under Transforma is brought in. Transforma starts off the remix with a dreamy atmosphere that is quickly turned into a reign of mind bending and energetic beats, quirky leads, and a bloodbath of neuro bass that hits you hard. This remix will completely eradicate anyone not moving and grooving on the dance floor.

There is no doubt that these two remixes are different and demonstrates the variety in the neuro soundspace. The combination of the two remixes will satisfy the hunger of even the most demanding neurofunk addict.