CAT. NO.: KTR2018D09
RELEASE DATE: November 19th, 2018

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This single features two original productions from the young and immensely talented, Victim. Despite his young age, he is already carving out his signature sound, and this release is a perfect example of what to expect.

The title track “Cold Touch” takes you into a dream state from the very beginning with its airy yet cold and dark atmosphere lead by hypnotizing plugs whilst the beat slowly emerges. It all comes together in the drop where a deep and neurotic reese with rolling, funky and filthy beats captivates you. The second track on the single is called “Brekka”, and it is consistent with the mood and feel of the title track just with a more minimalistic sound. It starts of with a murky and melancholic intro that drops into to a dark and quirky vibe that slowly evolves that keeps you entranced. This release is an excellent showcase of the impeccable skill and talent of Victim, and will definitely satisfy your hunger for deep, yet neurotic, bass.