CAT. NO.: KTR2017D02
RELEASE DATE: March 6th, 2017

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2017 is a year that will see new talent make its way to the ranks of Kill Tomorrow, and it is with great pride that neurofunk mastermind ChaseR is added to the roster. The next release is called “Dead End”, and it features four original tracks that is a brilliant combination of melodic soundscapes, funky drums and heavy bass.

The title track “Dead End” takes you on a never ending techy journey of melodic and atmospheric soundscapes - until you realize, it’s a dead end. The second track is called “Release The Beast” and the name kind of speaks for itself; it’s a heavy roller with lots of funk. The third track is entitled “Robotics” and has a very mechanic rhythm that is almost entrancing. The last track is “Gold Rush” and it’s a very cheeky little bugger that will make your feet insist on moving.