CAT. NO.: KTR2017D04
RELEASE DATE: May 15th, 2017

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Dark Soul have been quiet since the release of his album with Kill Tomorrow in early 2016. But it has been the calm before the storm. Dark Soul is now ready with a new single featuring two very different tracks.

The single features two tracks called “Parallel” and “Double Time”. The two tracks are very different and showcases the diversity of Dark Soul as a producer. The title track “Parallel” is a collaboration between Dark Soul and the rock-group Without Knocking bringing a laidback vibe fueled with rock-infused guitar melodies and atmospheric soundscapes. The second track of the release is “Double Time”, which takes the vibe back to the more classic Dark Soul neurofunk sound charged with energy for the dance floors. All in all this release has the ability to cater both for the bass craving dance o’holics as well as being able to fill the airwaves with a more soothing sound on a lazy Sunday.