CAT. NO.: KTR2017D07
RELEASE DATE: September 11th, 2017

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It is with great pride that Kill Tomorrow brings Humanon onboard for their debut release. This is a solid four track piece which is going to cement the Humanon name into your mind.

The release is entitled “We Are Humanon” as it is a perfect showcase of their diversity and what kind of bass arsenal they are packing. First up is the track “Run” which is fast paced and leaves you with that paranoid feeling of running down a dark street with someone chasing you and just about to catch you. For the second track “Veyron” they teamed up with Instinkt to develop a nuclear bomb explosion of gnarly bass and heavy beats. The third track on the release called “Loom” entrances you with its arpy sounds only to make you come out of the trance to be hit by the gritty bass knocking you out again. Lastly on the release is “Paradigm” that starts off with a big beautiful cinematic intro and suddenly you’re sent to a parallel world of fire where everything is burning and the only sound you hear is the pounding beats which is the heart of the beast living in that world.