Mean Teeth

Mean Teeth was founded after a series of successful collaborations between Voice and Ophzet – two producers from Estonia and Lithuania, who joined forces in order to bring their vision of funky, dark and aggressive drum and bass into fruition. With releases on such labels like Bad Taste Recordings, Plasma, Renegade Hardware and Neurofunkgrid, among artists like Gridlok, DLR and Machinecode with a foray of collaborations with the scenes most exciting newcomers, Mean Teeth are hell-bent to cement their feet firmly as the future pioneers of heavy drum&bass.

2017 saw the inclusion of a 3rd member – an Estonian producer by the name of Cosmistic, who’s skills have already been proven by a release on the late Ammunition Recordings. Now the trio are aiming to push their collective sound in every direction and to become a household name among the worldwide drum&bass community.


Featured releases

Right here, you can check out some of the artists’ releases on Kill Tomorrow.