CAT. NO.: KTR2017D09
RELEASE DATE: November 6th, 2017

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Once again Kill Tomorrow label boss Tomtek calls in for duty and is ready with a smashing new single.

The single consists of two original tracks that are both meticulously crafted for the dance floor. The first cut and title track of the single sets off with a melodramatic atmosphere that entrances and slowly morphs into a dramatic drop. The track takes its name after the quirky and playful lead that drives the groove together with the gnarly reese bass and heavy drums. The second track of the single is entitled “Into Random”, and it starts off by taking you on a simmering journey into the bottomless pit of random frequencies; right there, when you feel you have reached the point of no return you’re hit by a huge burst of bass and funk that spins you right back on course. This release packs an arsenal of both heavy bass and funk, and will surely satisfy even the most demanding and bass hungry dance floor.