[KTR2018D01] FREQAX – OH!

CAT. NO.: KTR2018D01
RELEASE DATE: February 5th, 2018

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Transmissions of data are floating rapidly through subspace. The data analytics team have picked up a signal of distress. Hyperspace is a dark place that will temporarily allow matter to travel through it. The spaceship is flying in warp drive through the hyperspace, and when it is almost time to break through and enter the atmosphere of the planet OH all engines fail. All hope is out. The spaceship and its crew is lost forever. The only evidence of its existence is the distress signal that only reached Earth when it was too late.

Kill Tomorrow brings you the brand new single OH! from the Romanian bass genius Freqax. The single also features remixes from Kaiza & St4sh as well as Humanon & Tomtek. The original track will take you on this journey through space and time perfectly complimented by a heavy rhythm consisting of chunky beats and deep dark bass. The first remix provided in collaboration between Kaiza & St4sh is consistent with the original vibe while bringing a bit more grit and dirt into the mix. The second remix is brought by Humanon & Tomtek and starts off with a melodramatic vibe that drops into a big fat bowl of funk. This release packs an arsenal of both heavy bass and funk, and will surely satisfy even the most demanding and bass hungry dance floor.