CAT. NO.: KTR2018D04
RELEASE DATE: April 23rd, 2018

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The drum&bass is currently buzzing with a lot of exciting new talent, and Kill Tomorrow are proud to welcome the upcoming producer Ephyum to its ranks.

The label debut from Ephyum is entitled “Night Visions” and includes two electrifying neurofunk tracks. The title track starts of with a cinematic and atmospheric intro gently entrancing you until you are suddenly awakened by the roaring basslines and funky beats hitting you in the drop. The track constantly pushes the boundaries of the entrancing atmospheres and captivating arps until you are completely devoured by the brutality of the bassline. The second track on the single is called “Levitate” and starts off with dreamy arps and soundscapes that almost make you think that you are in fact floating. But make no mistake, when the beat drops you are instantly dragged down to the ground by a force stronger than gravity itself.