Tobax is a young high caliber drum&bass producer whose latest releases have won the support and praise from the likes of Noisia, June Miller, Ed Rush and Mejfus. He has released on legendary labels such as Eatbrain, Bad Taste Recordings, C4C Recordings, Titan Records, Red Light Records, and many more. Collaborations with major artists such as Disprove, Malux and Current Value have seen this young heavyweight producer gain even more momentum.


With one foot set in the future and another amongst neurofunk drum&bass' architects, Nickbee's trademark sound is not easily classified. Morphing, animalistic basslines project through sonic space in perfectly organized chaos, with the structure provided by painfully sharp drums. Never conforming to any set mold, Nickbee's allegiance to innovation makes a quirky, experimental element a defining factor of his music.


Representing French Neurofunk and Drum & Bass since 2015, the former duo, now run by Vik as a solo project, can already look back on an impressive catalog of releases on highly prestigious labels such as Audioporn, Eatbrain, Evol Intent or Invisible Recordings, and many more.


Axiom has been pushing the boundaries for drum&bass and neurofunk since he first stepped into the scene in 2005. His sound is derived from ambient and experimental electronic music, fused together to create an equally disturbing and effective dancefloor tune. Throughout his career he has been working with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Optiv (from Cause4Concern), State of Mind, Mindescape, 2Shy, and Jade.


Mean Teeth is a highly dynamic and successful drum&bass trio working across the borders of Estonia and Lithuania with a funky, dark and aggressive sound. With releases on labels such as Bad Taste Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Lifestyle, C4C Recordings, Red Light Records, and many more, Mean Teeth are hellbent to cement their feet firmly as the future pioneers of drum&bass.


Impak hails from Granada, Spain. He is already known for his work with world renowned labels such as Cause4Concern Recordings, Ammunition Recordings, Dutty Audio, Red Light Records and Mindtech Recordings. His style is tech-infused and inspired by modern hard hitting neurofunk. His skills are impeccable and is definitely one of the more interesting producers in the drum&bass scene today.


Pronounced: 'Sh-eye-yun' This London-based producer is perhaps one of the most interesting new producers in the drum&bass game. Shyun have always been into music but only shortly after turning towards drum&bass, he was signed by Kasra to the prestigious label Critical. In 2016 Shyun remixed the highly successful single "Bleeps" by Impak on Kill Tomorrow. His impeccable skills and interesting sound caught the attention of the legendary Noisia, and they featured it on their popular radio show.


INSTINKT is a dynamic Drum & Bass trio that consists of the three versatile producers Rune, Kaiza and Tomtek. Their distinct, forward thinking and remarkable sonic character is in high demand and highly acclaimed by some of the biggest influencers in the Drum & Bass scene, features on the prestigious Noisia Radio, notable critics by and plays in the dj-sets of Drum & Bass tastemakers such as Optiv, CZA, Maztek, Evol Intent, John B, Mindscape, Noisia, Legion, and many more.


Transforma is an Australian drum & bass producer who is rapidly becoming a name to look out for. Over the years he has garnered worldwide support from some premier names including: Optiv, Cause4concern, Zombie Cats, Barbarix, Mean Teeth, Volatile Cycle, Redpill, Kursiva, Freqax, Akrom, Run DMT & many more. As well as released on prestigous labels such as Red Light Records, C4C Limited, Kinetic Records, Mindtech Recordings, Adapted Records, and many more.


Lots of talent coming out of Russia these days, and ChaseR is no exception. He is definitely one of the more interesting new talents, and he already gained support from industry tastemakers like the prestigious Noisia trio and their weekly radio shows. Previously ChaseR has released on labels such as Ignescent, Sinuous, Paperfunk, Mindtech, and Close2Death just to name a few.


Dark Soul hails from Russia. His career as a music producer started in 2008 with the love for the drum&bass and dubstep genres. Throughout the years Dark Soul has released on prolific labels such as Hospital Records, Medschool, Ammunition Recordings, and many more, whilst working towards the release of his debut album "Take Control". The debut album was released in early 2016 on Kill Tomorrow.


Freqax is the indelible moniker that houses the searing frequencies of Romanian producer Adrian Andrei, a sonic creator enriched with a wide array of inspirations that have emerged in transcendently heavy forms through his many productions since 2009. He has released on this decade’s most revered and hard-hitting drum & bass labels including PRSPCT, Othercide, Algorythm, Yellow Stripe and Forbidden Society, as well as numerous consistent and rising imprints.


Humanon is a drum&bass trio consisting of Alex, Adam, and Kaiza (part of Instinkt). The combination of their hotblooded energy and long-time experiences is fruitful: results are first signings on respected international labels as well as a steady number of live appearances and collabs with known artists. Additionally, Humanon are a crucial part of the "Kill Commercial"-Collective running club events in Slovakia on a regular basis.


He grew up near Boston with his roots heavily planted in Hip Hop, Punk & Ska. Later after traveling to Europe he ventured into the world of drum&bass and electronic music landing in Mannheim (Germany) and eventually on to Munich (Germany). Kryptomedic already has an impressive list of affiliations in the drum&bass industry working with heavyweight artists such as State Of Mind, Disphonia, AKOV, Kursiva, Chris S.U, Tobax, Mindscape, and the Zombie Cats.


Ephyum hails from the beautiful city of Venize, Italy. He is a very interesting newcomer to the Drum & Bass scene but despite his few years in the Drum & Bass scene he already gained a lot of acknowledgement and momentum with impressive releases on labels such as Suspect Device, Citrus Recordings, Druid Records, Abducted LTD, and Delta9 Recordings. His sound is deep but yet with an edge of aggressiveness that moves the dance floor.


KUNG, as he is known in the world of music, is a producer of drum&bass born in Granada, Spain. He started producing electronic music years ago, but it was not until 2007 when he more or less decided to devote himself to it professionally. He is now well-reputated and known amongst the major players, and besides working with Kill Tomorrow, releasing on prestigious labels such as Eatbrain, Critical, Vandal, Program, and Mayan Audio.


Performing along side the likes of State of Mind, Danny Byrd, Nicky Black Market, Tobax, TR Tactics to mention but a few Lifesize MC has developed a versatile and intricate MC style which sees him becoming a household name within the DnB Scene having also been nominated for Best MC in the Czech DnB Awards 2016. It’s fair to say that LifeSize MC brings something a little different to the MC package being a true freestyle mc and vocalist with an unrelenting love for Drum & Bass.


Kutlo is set for big things on some very reputable labels in the scene. Already with scalps like NeurofunkGrid, Renegade Hardware and Let It Roll. You can expect a roller coaster ride as he likes to take you through the whole spectrum of bass music, and Drum & Bass in particular, in his DJ shows. Taking inspiration from all genres of music this Slovakian youngling is only getting better and better by the day.


HYQXYZ pronounced 'HIKSEEZ'. He hails from Antwerp, Belgium and already has an impressive arsenal of releases under his belt. Besides his work for Kill Tomorrow where he remixed the highly successful track 'Nomad' by Mean Teeth (featured on Nosia Radio, too), he also released on prestigious labels such as Eatbrain, Bad Taste Recordings, MethLab Recordings, Titan Records, and more.

BYTECODE (formerly known as TOMTEK)

Bytecode is a dynamic and versatile Drum & Bass producer who constantly seeks to push boundaries and consistently deliver subsonic weapons with mathematical and surgical precision. Even though Bytecode emerged in late 2018, you should make no mistake, as he is no stranger to the Drum & Bass scene. He has been producing for more than a decade under different pseudonyms where Tomtek was his latest endeavor. Furthermore, he is a vital member of the highly successful and critically acclaimed Drum & Bass group, Instinkt.


Victim's (aka Tim Riley) passion for drum & bass began in 2007.  He has been working extremely hard, developing his sound, honing his corner in the market, and pushing the boundaries of production & sound design. With music out on ProgRam, Red Light Records, Citrus Recordings, Kill Tomorrow, Lifestyle Music UK and untold amounts of big projects on the boil, 2018 and beyond is looking very bright for this talented producer.


Insom is the Bass solo project of Gabriel Mentis, born in 1987 and raised in Athens, Greece. His tracks have been released by labels such as Abducted LTD, Ammunition, Warfare, Mindtech, Liquid Drops, m-Atome, Melting Pot, and many others, and has received support from "Renegade Hardware Podcasts" to sets of Drum & Bass heavyweights like Jade and Billain, while his own DJ sets move the dancefloor every time.


Bowsar is an electronic music producer currently based in Vienna, Austria. Although he is most notably a Drum & Bass DJ, his musical roots lie in hip-hop, downbeat, breakbeat, experimental electronic music, and jazz. In 2011 his first solo EP, entitled “Protons EP” was released on the Belgian label Mindtech Recordings. Since then he has been signed to Labels such as Eatbrain, Disturbed, Syndrome Audio, Modulate, Close2Death, and many more.


Sulex is a young Drum & Bass producer hailing from Slovakia with impeccable sound design skills. The deeply interesting sound design fused with funky and at times quirky beats already caught the attention of the legendary Noisia trio who premiered his music on their radio show several times. The young Drum & Bass producer has also released on other labels such as Kinetik as well as Skankandbass.


Troy Smith originating from New Zealand is the producer behind the moniker SYMTM. His sound is deep, insightful and atmospheric with rolling beats and he was one of the first producers to be signed to Kill Tomorrow. Besides his work with Kill Tomorrow this young producer has also been heavily affiliated with labels such as IN:DEEP Recordings and 4ORT.NIGHT Record, and collaborating with producers such as Unwell and Third Law.


Chris I.O. hails from Bern, Switzerland, and have been actively pushing the sounds of drum&bass and neurofunk for a decade now. He is first and foremost a DJ but in the recent years he took up producing alongside his longtime friend and neurofunk legend, Axiom. He joined forces with Kill Tomorrow in late 2014 to launch his debut single entitled "Centershot" in collaboration with Axiom.